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Welcome to, where our story serves as a beacon of hope and determination.

Meet our founder, Glenn Zhang. His journey is a remarkable tale of transformation. Once an ex-offender and drug abuser, Glenn's life took a pivotal turn after his fourth imprisonment. The Singapore Prison Department’s decision to send him to a halfway house in Singapore marked the beginning of a new chapter. Here, Glenn discovered faith and a renewed sense of purpose, reshaping his destiny.

Glenn's time at the halfway house, spanning five transformative years, was a period of deep introspection and growth. In 2013, emboldened by his newfound resolve, Glenn embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, creating from the ground up. Starting with just himself and a handful of tools, the initial days were a test of grit and perseverance. Glenn tirelessly went from door to door, placed flyers in HDB lifts, and faced numerous challenges head-on.

The turning point came when Glenn discovered the power of internet marketing. This knowledge was a catalyst for growth, propelling to new heights. Today, thanks to our digital presence, customers like you can easily find us. From a solo venture, our company has flourished into a team of eight dedicated professionals, adept at handling diverse residential and commercial projects.

We are profoundly grateful to our supporters, partners, and customers who have trusted in our journey. Your belief in us has been our driving force, fuelling our growth and passion for excellence. We pledge to continue learning, evolving, and providing top-notch service.

Our story is more than just about business growth; it's about human resilience, the power of second chances, and the strength of the human spirit. It’s a narrative that celebrates victories over life's challenges. We hope our journey inspires you to believe in the possibility of change and the potential within each of us.

Thank you for being an integral part of our story. We are committed to serving you with the highest standards and look forward to a future filled with opportunities and successes, shared together.

Customer Success

Positive client experiences start by putting customer interests first and lead to collaborative, long-term partnerships.

Team Work

Engaged, motivated and dedicated employees working together and trusting each other can and will accomplish great things.


Leadership and taking ownership mean rolling up our sleeves and serving as reliable members of your project team.

Responsible growth

Our success is predicated on our committed and strategic reinvestment in the company to assure preparedness for existing and future opportunities.


There is no substitution for honesty, hard work, pride in workmanship and respectful communications at all levels of the company.


A successful company is a valued corporate citizen; giving back to our community, putting in the effort for those who need us most, and leading by example motivates employees to follow suit.