drywall wood reinforcement

Today drywall panels
are widely utilized in modern construction around Singapore,  such as residential, schools and recreational buildings, hospitals and other institutional buildings, public circulation areas of commercial buildings, hotels, and industrial premises. It is easy to install, fire-resistant, durable, and cost-saving for construction and renovation.  

To hang your huge, heavy and expensive TV display on Drywall, Gypsum board, Plaster wall, Partition board, False wall, Soft board can be problematic. We have the best solution for you. Doing a wood reinforcement will let you have a peace of mind while watching your big TV screen mounted on Drywall. It also solves the problem of not able to locate the metal studs behind the drywall where the position of the TV display position going to be. With that, you can install TV using full-motion mount for the best viewing angle in your house. Every wood reinforcement service along with our house brand TV bracket will be cover with 3 years on-site warranty. 

Drywall Wood Reinforcement

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