Terms & Conditions


This website https://tvbracket.sg/ is fully own by SUMMIT VISION PTE LTD (UEN No. 202201497C). The following terms & conditions will apply to any online order that you place with SUMMIT VISION PTE LTD (UEN No. 202201497C). or https://tvbracket.sg.
(“SUMMIT VISION PTE LTD” or “we” or “us”) a company incorporated in Singapore and having it’s registered office at 5002 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 #02-04 Techplace 2 Singapore 569871

Defined Terms


  • The term buyer means the person to whom the product or services are being provided under the mentioned contract.
  • Contract means the signed agreement signed by both parties involved or the purchase order in writing that is signed by buyer and seller for the sale of any product or services under the mentioned terms and conditions, final quotation mentioned by the seller, and acknowledgment of seller order. If there is any dispute until the completion of the order then Terms and conditions must be referred before any other document is included in the contract.
  • Contract Price is the price agreed by both buyer and seller for the product. This also included any adjustments made within the contract.
  • Products are anything that is sold by the seller to the buyer under the written contract.
  • Seller means the person or seller that is providing any product under the contract written and signed by both parties.
  • Terms and Conditions mean any document with the rules stated for the sale and purchase of any product. It also included any further modifications or clauses added in the final quotation provided by the seller and the seller has agreed upon them in writing.

Eligibility criteria

You must be eligible to place an order by following the mentioned criteria:

  • Your age according to official documents is 18 years or above.
  • Have a valid credit/bank card issued by a licensed bank approved by Singapore government for payment.
  • Personal and legal details of the payment of the product are provided by you (email address, real name, phone number, payment details, and other requested information displayed on the website)
  • You own a legal residence in Singapore according to official documents.

When you place an order with us, you authorize tvbracket.sg to process payments or charges on your credit/bank card for the full purchase price of your order. You explicitly authorize us to use your personal information to transmit or receive information about you, including credit checks and, if necessary, anti-fraud agencies from third parties are allowed to save that information. Please read our privacy policy to know more about the use of your personal information.

Any order placed is subjected to the product availability and price of the product. Any item you added to your cart without completing the purchase will not be reserve for you.

Product Description

Content and product descriptions on the https://tvbracket.sg website are endeavoured to be as accurate and complete as possible. However, we do not guarantee that the definitions of materials and products are accurate, complete, current, or available.

Product Display

Tvbracket.sg thrives to put up images of the products as close to real products as possible. However, changes in colours are possible on basis of the screen you are using to look at the images and tvbracket.sg does not give any guarantee of the same colours.


Products pricing mentioned on our website are in Singapore Dollar currency including 8% GST. Prices shown on the website will be honoured without obvious error upon receipt of your order. Although tvbracket.sg thrives to ensure that no human error is made as far as prices of the products are concerned, we do not guarantee perfection in this matter and reserve the liberty to correct the error as soon as pointed out. If any error in pricing is found after you have placed the order with us, we will let you know as soon as possible and give you a chance to update or cancel the order according to your will. If there is no possibility of contact with you, the order will be treated as cancelled.


Payments only made through Visa, MasterCard, and bank transfers are acceptable.

By ordering one of our products using any of the above-mentioned payment methods you confirm that the credit/debit card or bank account used by you for payment is your property and you have the authority to use it. In case of any issues with the payment methods, later, tvbracket.sg reserves the right to cancel the order until the resolution of an issue and will not be considered responsible for any delay in the delivery of the products in that matter.

Tvbracket.sg adheres to international standard rules and regulations for the payment procedure so that your experience with us is better and safer.  If you register an account on the website and decide to keep your card details with us, your information will be completely encrypted, used only for processing card transactions, and stored securely on our systems. Unless there is serious negligence or intentional misconduct on our part, we will not be liable for any damages if any third party gains unauthorized access to any data you provide while you use our services.

Acceptance of your order

After you submit your details and payment and place your order, we will send you an email confirming your order receipt. This email does not indicate confirmation of your order receipt and approval of your order. The contract between you and Tvbracket will be terminated when we send you an email confirming that your order has been accepted and the goods have been delivered to you.

Tvbracket.sg have all the rights to reject the order due the company rules. The reasons for order rejection can be one or more. Some of the reasons that may lead to your order rejection are as follows:

  • Order with payment and shipping address in Singapore‌ not included
  • The product you ordered has expired.
  • Detects price or product error.
  • We do not have payment authority.
  • You have not met the eligibility criteria specified in this TOS.

In case of any issue with your order, our customer care team will get in touch with you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Shipping, delivery, and collection

The team at tvbracket.sg will send a delivery email with detailed shipping details to the email address you specified. tvbracket.sg thrives to fulfil your order to you within seven working days after your order has been placed. We make every effort to meet these standards but cannot guarantee that the standards must be complied with.

Orders are sent by a third-party dispatcher. You can check the status of the product you ordered with the help of the tracking number you will receive through an order notification or an email by visiting the official site of the Postal services.

Ensure that all the information you are giving at the time of placing an order is correct. In case we find the wrong information or information is not available we would need to initiate the delivery process again after confirming the details again with you which would lead to a delay in the delivery of the product you ordered.

You may have a risk of losing if you deliver to the specified address if the recipient or collector is not the buyer, the company has no liability after the complete delivery of the products. You similarly accept the relevant liability (including the risk of loss).

Delivery charges of goods apply in each order and are included in the receipt. You may specify the date and time of the delivery of the product. If you are unable to receive the order at the time specified by you, tvbracket.sg will deliver the order later. The cancellation of order can be done a day before the date stated by you for delivery of goods. A cancellation fee of $30.00 will be charged if the order is a cancellation after less than 24 hours and when the order has already been dispatched. No delivery fee is applied to the goods whose value is more than $1500.00. You can receive the order personally or specify another person to receive the order on your behalf in case of unavailability. tvbracket.sg does not deliver goods outside Singapore unless personally agreed by the company.

Rights to Refund

Tvbracket.sg is not prohibited to refund the payment before or after the confirmation of the order, when the goods requested, are not received or the services paid for are not provided.

Return Policy

At tvbracket.sg we suggest that you thoroughly read out the return and refund policy to know about your legal rights if such a situation happens. We also recommend that all the products are well inspected on delivery before the start of use.

Return Process

In case the product is not up to your expectations, you can apply for the return and refund within 07 days of the delivery. Following are the requirements in which the return is invalid.

  • The product you are delivered does not match the specifications of the product displayed and ordered by you
  • The product is still in new condition along with its original accessories
  • The wrong item is being delivered to you.
  • Proof of purchase is available to you
  • Products that was sealed is still sealed
  • It is neither installed nor any data is added to it

You have to meet the following conditions then either bring your invoice to tvbracket.sg’s showroom or contact our customer care representative to arrange a pick up for your returned product. The returned product will be evaluated and you will be notified if the return is accepted or not via email within 7 days.

  • If your return is valid, the process of refund or replacement will be initiated as per your request. The refunded amount will be sent via a similar transaction mode you made for the purchase.
  • If the return is not considered valid by our team then the return of the product will be processed and a delivery fee $30.00 will be charged.

Tvbracket.sg reserves all rights to reject any return, refund request if considered unreasonable