Installation Services

From: $65.00

Delivery in 1-3 working days.

Delivery in 6 to 8 weeks upon confirmation order.




Will the installer take away my old TV?

Removal of the old TV is not included in the set scope but can be added as additional works, additional charges will apply

Does a wall mount service include the wall bracket?

No, Wall mount brackets are not included, the correct wall mounting bracket can be purchased from your shop

Will the installer install a power point?

No, A compliant powerpoint should be within one meter of the desired installation point

Will the installer conceal the cables when wall mounting my TV?

Cable concealment is not included as part of the standard service, this can be added to the service, and additional charges will apply

Will the installer tune my new TV?

Yes, the installer will tune your TV to all local, available channels provided you have an existing antenna with good quality reception

Can I have my existing components connected?

The standard service includes the connection of up to two existing components (DVD Blu-ray player, TV box etc.). Additional components can be added, additional charges will apply

Can I have my new TV connected to my homes WIFI?

This is not included in the standard service, this can be added at the time of booking or while the installer is on-site, additional charges will apply

Will the installer show me how the TV works?

The standard service includes a demonstration of the basic functions

Is the TV installation covered by any warranty?

The installation works are covered with a 12-month warranty subject to conditions.

How long will it take for my television to be installed?

Homes and requirements for each installation are different, your installer will be able to advise you on the day.

TV size/inch

40” And Below, 42” – 55”, 56” – 65”, 70” – 80”, 82” – 88”

Bracket Type

Fixed / Tilting Bracket, Swivel Bracket